2 Pink Lines

To be honest, there were days I doubted if I would ever get to write a blog post like this. Those days were more recent of course, because growing up I never even knew the “m word” was a possibility. Nick and I got married on September 25, 2015. We…

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Dear Mother Who Miscarried

A letter to the mother who miscarried and a poem from our little angels.

Dear Mother Who Miscarried – I write these words from the sincerest place in my heart. A place of knowing exactly where you are. A place of wonder, hurt, and sadness. To the mother that miscarried, I am sorry for your loss. I am sorry for the hurt and pray…

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Why Your Laundry Might Be Toxic!

That was until I found out that dryer sheets are one of the MOST toxic products we use in our household. Natural alternatives for dryer sheets. Going green

Laundry, you either love it or hate it. Finish a load of wash, throw it in the dryer, and in go these little white sheets for softness. Dryer sheets were something I never thought twice about. We’d use anywhere from 2-5 in every load of laundry. In fact, I used…

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4 Practical Ways to Boost Your Fertility

┬áIf you could take a peak in to some of my private Pinterest boards, you’d see a lot of “fertility boosting” this and “natural fertility boosters” that. Before I dive in to a blog post that is obviously about fertility improvement, I want to add a disclaimer. It is important…

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