6 Ways to Jump Start Your Healthy Lifestyle

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I wanted to sit down and share a few tips that I think can help anyone on a journey to living a healthier life. I know the journey can be a challenge at times. No journey is perfect and there are some days when we need a simple reminder. For the most part, however the journey can be improved when we keep a few things in mind. I jotted down 6 tips I felt were important to share with you when it comes to healthy eating.

#1… Stop your complaining! Tough love moment, please for the love of Pearl, STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT YOUR DIET! Every time you complain, speak an ill word, say “gosh this diet is awful!”, you are creating your reality. Yes, starting a new nutrition program is difficult. Yes, sometimes you have to skip the cookies on aisle 6 and the cake in the fridge at the office, BUT please stop complaining about it. Each time you complain about it, the negativity around your “diet” becomes your reality. This as a result, makes you cave in to quitting that much easier. Because really, who wants to be MISERABLE the rest of their lives? Exactly, no one! Healthy living isn’t miserable; it doesn’t mean forever giving up that piece of cake, or brownies. Living in poor health is miserable. So please stop making yourself believe that “this healthy eating” is such a dreaded concept. It takes time, it works, and you’ll feel better. Target isn’t running out of Nutter Butters any time soon, you will be okay. Set a goal and plan ahead. Try instead to think of terms of ADDING. I am adding in this apple. I am adding in this amazing home-cooked meal. I am adding to my life! 

6 ways to stay on track

#2… That brings me to, plan, plan, and plan! First, I don’t call indulgences “cheat meals”. Because no one likes a cheater. Planning your indulgences, your special occasions, your (let’s just call it what it is) the day you are going to enjoy something else…planning makes perfect. It sounds cheesy, but look at the calendar. If you know that you have a birthday party, an extra long weekend, a date night, etc. plan your indulgences around that. Randomly picking up a cookie at the checkout and eating it in the car serves no one. In fact, it might only make you feel worse because you think you failed. BUT what if you had that cupcake on your husband’s Birthday. Would you feel as bad? Nope, because you were celebrating. Maybe you want to go to little Sarah’s birthday party and have cake, BUT since you planned you know that maybe you should skip the chocolate fountain at happy hour the night before. Having a plan can keep you from feeling like you disappointed yourself.

6 ways to amp up your goals panzaavenue.com

#3…Find an accountability partner! Find someone who will help you along the way. Having someone side by side with you during your journey will help you stay on track, reach your goals, and give you an even greater sense of obligation to hit your goal. Have you ever run next to a friend? You feel an obligation to keep their pace, right? To keep moving. You are both feeding off each other’s movement in that moment. It is the same with nutrition goals. When you and your friend are working toward something, the last thing you want to do is let her down. An accountability partner gives you someone to keep you going. 

#4…Find a community that has your back! This is very similar to #3, but a community is greater than just an accountability partner. You can join membership sites or join a Facebook group that is related to your goals. Recently I launched The Busy Woman’s Guide to a Healthy Life on Facebook. In the group I share more healthy tips, on the go tips, workouts, how to accomplish your goals, etc. It is like a everyday blog. You can join us by clicking here or searching “the busy woman’s guide to a healthy life”. I also share everything I eat on Wednesdays! There is an album in the group with photos and descriptions for you. 

6 ways to stay on track

#5…Your food choices make a difference! I know Lean Cuisine tastes good, but there are so many hidden ingredients hindering your success. Food companies market diet foods, banking that the consumer doesn’t understand what’s actually in them. Because “low fat”, “low carb”, “gluten free”, it all sounds good. Low fat usually means higher sugar. Higher sugar typically increases cravings. Increase cravings, “whelp, this is hard!” Cycle repeats. Opt for real, made by you sources of food whenever possible. Ingredients you control. So you know it is lean white meat chicken breast you are eating and not a higher fat chicken thigh. If you are struggling with healthy food ideas, join us over at The Busy Woman’s Guide to a Healthy Life

6 ways to stay on track

#6…Find what you love, that’s healthy! For me, I love green beans. I love apples and I love ground turkey with taco seasoning. This is me. You might like broccoli more. You might prefer salads with salmon. Whatever you love, stick to that. Get creative. Pinterest is great for finding 100 ways to cook… just about anything. I also have a ton of healthy recipes you can browse through over here in the recipes category. We have the resources we need to find healthier options for us and our family. It just takes a little time to figure out what we enjoy vs. what makes us feel like we are eating rabbit food.

What are some things that have worked for you in the past? Have you always struggled with yo-yo dieting? 

If you found this helpful or inspirational, please feel free to share it with your friends or on your Facebook. It will surely help with our mission to help everyone live a greater, more authentic life. 

Until next time! 


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Setting Goals

3 steps that actually work for setting goals panzavenue.com
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Welcome to the new year my friend!! How have you done so far?! It is after all the first Friday of the New Year. Did you start strong on Monday and you are kind of slacking?! Maybe you are still going strong, but you are worried that you might not make it through the weekend as strong?!

I wanted to sit down and type this blog post for you. It is actually a series of some things I believe will be a game changer for you in the new year. Curious to know what we are going to chat about?! Good, because I cannot wait to tell  you.

When I sat down this past weekend to work on my on list of goals for the new year, I decided 2017 was going to be the year of the COUTURE body! Totally custom, totally unique, totally rockin’, and totally 100% everything I ever dreamed of. Couture (said in my french accent)

So here is the deal, there are steps we have to complete BEFORE we can just expect our goals to appear, but I know you know that. I know you know that accomplishing your goals takes effort, but where do we start?! I know you know that accomplishing goals takes time, but how much time?! I know you know that accomplishing goals means sacrifices, but what exactly do I HAVE to give up and what can I keep in my life?! You’re in luck, because I. Have. Answers!
3 steps that actually work for setting goals panzavenue.com

So today we must talk about goal setting. I am going to share three tips that I personally use when setting my own goals. In the next couple days, I will share some things in your diet that need to go NOW and what you can add in to your day to day! In the next few days I will explain why you DON’T have to give up carbs and why you SHOULD skip cardio. Yep, I said them both, you aren’t dreaming!

Goal setting step 1:

First, you MUST… hear me… MUST write down your goals! You can use a journal for this, TJ Maxx has beautiful journals! People with written goals are 50% more likely to accomplish their goal and 92% of new years goals fail by January 15th. Is this enough to inspire you to write down your goals?! 3 out of 100 adults write down their goals. PLEASE tell me you are going to be one of the three this year. Okay, great! Moving on!

Goal setting step 2:

Decide what goal you are going to set. I like to set goals in 9 different areas of life. Spiritual, Personal Development, Health, Romance, Family, Business/Career, Finances, Fun/Recreation, and Social.

Okay, okay my overachiever friend, I want you to choose no more… NO MORE… than 2 goals for each area. Putting down too many goals is setting yourself up for failure. You can ALWAYS add more as you accomplish your goals.

Next, choose SMART goals. SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-based.
SMART Goals PanzaAvenue.com
Specific, the who, what, why of you goal. Measurable establishes how much, how many, how will you know when the goal is reached? Attainable goals stretch your abilities, but still remain possible/realistic. A Realistic goal must represent an objective toward which you are both willing and able to work. Time-based goals have a target date, so that you have a deadline to focus on and something to work toward.

Goal setting step 3:

Okay, so that one was a little lengthy, but it was the meat and potatoes to your goal setting. Step #3 has two parts, but I didn’t want to separate them. I didn’t want you to think that you could skip #3 and go to #4 or skip #4 and just hang out at #3. So this next part is a two parter you must complete.

Let a friend you trust know what your goals are. Consider having a goal setting party or date. TRUSTING friend is the key word.

The second part, along with writing your goals I believe you need some type of vision board. You can create this with magazine clippings or in a computer program like Pic Monkey or Canva. I have decided to share my 2017 vision board with you below!

vision board panzaavenue.com

While you are setting your goals I want you to remember everyone starts somewhere. If you need a group of women to lean on, I encourage you to join my Facebook group I set up for women just like you! The Busy Woman’s Guide to a Healthy Life is a group I set up for women who are ready for change and ready to link arms with like minded women, ditch excuses, and create a healthy lifestyle that sticks.

If you have health and wellness goals, stay tuned I will be covering why you don’t have to skip carbs and how to skip cardio!

Looking forward to accomplishing our goals this year, girl!



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10 Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

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Nick and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary September 25, 2016. I know I am a little behind! I will never forget our wedding day. It was absolutely perfect. I think the only negative thing that happened that day is my programs didn’t get handed out. Big deal, right?





In typical Mrs. Anna Panza fashion, I started thinking of ideas for our anniversary months ahead of time. Searching Pinterest to find a creative idea I could put my own spin on. We didn’t save the top tier of our wedding cake and with our plans to pay off major debt this year, a fancy trip wasn’t on our list of desires.


I rounded up 10 ways to celebrate your anniversary to share with you all. Whether it has been one year, ten years, or 6 months, these ideas are sure to help you and your other half create memories together. I love LOVE! I think it should be celebrated every day, but MEGA-celebrated (is that even a word) on anniversaries!

15 ways to celebrate an anniversary

  1. Didn’t save your wedding cake?! That’s okay! Bake your Own!
    The idea of saving the top tier of my wedding cake at the time just didn’t sound appealing. I had heard and read so many people say that their 1st anniversary wedding cake didn’t taste good at all. Besides, I wanted to eat it all.
    Our three tiered cake was made up of 3 overall main flavors. A pink rose cake, an almond champagne cake, and a dark chocolate cake. The fillings were almond Bavarian for the rose and champagne cake and the dark chocolate had a peanut butter buttercream.
    Search Pinterest for a recipe to replicate your wedding cake. You know I love a great tradition, so if the recipe is a winner, write it down and make cake baking a yearly tradition.
    I loved this sweet idea of making a cake with a calendar and using our wedding cake topper. If you aren’t as crafty in the kitchen, head to your local bakery or the bakery that made your cake and ask for a small cake to be made.
    15 ways to celebrate your anniversary
  2.  The photo that keeps on telling a story!
    I found this idea on Pinterest here. Each year you take a photo of yourself holding last years photo. Next anniversary I will print out the photo above, frame it, and we will take another photo together. Each year you take a photo holding last year’s photo. Such a fun tradition to see how you and your husband grow!
  3. Put on the works!
    Put on your dress, your veil, or your wedding jewelry the day of your anniversary. Headed to work? Wear your wedding pearls with a nice cardigan or blouse. Your veil might be a little overkill at the office, but if you are enjoying dessert at home with your hubby, throw that bad boy on. Don’t forget to take photos!
    1st anniversary ideasimg_6216
  4. Light a flame!
    This might be one of my favorite ideas!! Who says number candles were only meant for a birthday party. Stop by the grocery store and grab a numerical candle to light, take a photo with, and then make a wish as a couple.
    celebrate your first anniversary with these ideas panzaavenue.com/anni1
  5. A glimpse at the year!
    Start a new tradition documenting the year. I made this to add to our yearly scrapbook to remember our first year as a married couple. Document states you have been to, shows you watch, and other fun facts about the year together. Imagine looking back in 20 or 40 years!
    celebrating your first anniversary.
  6. Buy a gift for yourselves off of  your wedding registry.
    Chances are there were still several gifts you did not receive for your wedding. Maybe it was that oh so fancy serving platter that matches your china, a frame or coffee mug you have been meaning to go in and get. Maybe it was a fancy watercolor wedding portrait you saw on Etsy or a Mrs. _____ shirt you wish you would have bought for your honeymoon. Whatever it was, go get it!
  7. Write a love note!
    You have seen it in movies, the girl writes a love note in lipstick. Have you ever tried to get lipstick off of your bathroom mirror?!?! What a mess! You know what works just as great, probably even better? Dry erase marker. The same marker used on the white board in classrooms is perfect for leaving an anniversary message on the mirror for your husband to see!
    panzaavenue.com ideas for celebrating your first anniversary
  8. Movie night, with your wedding video.
    A staple for an anniversary is watching your wedding video! Did you get one?! If you didn’t, do you have footage, photos, or even photos from your honeymoon you could use to make your own video? I love to compile photos and videos in iMovie. You could make your own slide show to watch on your anniversary, if you don’t have a wedding video to view. Pop the popcorn and enjoy a stroll down memory lane.
  9. Guest book pinata!
    Make a guest book piñata for your wedding, if it isn’t too late! I am a little bummed this is the only photo we got of our guest book piñata! Nick worked so hard on it. You can see it there in the background. The purple heart with the N+A! We had our guests write notes or predictions and put them in the Guest Book Piñata. We planned to open it on our first anniversary and that is exactly what we did. It was cute to see the predictions, the kind notes, and someone even put $40. So, whoever that was, THANK YOU!
    A piñata isn’t required. You could have people write in a note book, put messages in a bottle, or write notes in sealed envelopes.
    ideas for celebrating your first anniversary
  10. Anniversary wine cork ornament!
    This one I think might be one of my favorites. I know I said that already, but have I told you how much I love LOVE?! Instead of throwing out the wine cork from the bottle of wine that you enjoyed together, make an ornament. To make it even more sentimental, add a charm that represents a moment this year, add a charm with the number for the year you are celebrating OR you can do like I did here.
    I found this photo frame in the jewelry section at Hobby Lobby and added a wallet size print from our first anniversary. The wine cork hanging from the frame is from the bottle of wine we opened to celebrate our first anniversary. If you are interested, I will do a DIY tutorial on this. Just comment below!
    panzaavenue.companzaavenue.comOur wedding was an absolute blast and the best day of our lives! I look forward to many years of celebrating and life changes. I hope you found some inspiration in this blog post for your celebration!

Until next time! 




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Coming’ in Hot: A Full-blown 2017 Wishlist

Using one emoji 2017 panzaavenue.com
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wishlist17 panzaavenue.com

Whhhhhhewwwwww! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2017!! *pop, fizz, clink*

On New Year’s Eve, Eve I posted this photo below on Instagram asking you what you were hoping to receive in 2017! I loved seeing everyone’s wish list. Women waiting for engagement rings, women open to receiving growth, women open to receiving a new home in the new year! It was like being cavemen, in 2016! It was great!Using one emoji 2017 panzaavenue.comI decided to put together an emoji wish list for 2017, instead of a resolution list. How cavewoman of me, right?! 

panzaavenue-com-working-out-emojiOkay first thing first! Gettin’ my sweat on! What would a wish list for a new year be without a sweaty wish?! Exactly! My plan this year is to continue the health and fitness journey I was rockin’ in 2016 before I was derailed by life’s uncontrollable moments. My plan is to build more curves, focus on more beauty foods, and share more of my journey with you all here on my blog and YouTube channel. 

youtube-panzaavenue-comYouTube channel?! Yes, a YouTube channel to document my health and fitness journey. I am planning on going live with my dairy of this fit girl in mid-January. Workouts, recipes, what I am eating, and document the year! I would love it if you would subscribe to my channel by clicking here!


One of the next #PanzaScrapbookMoments we are looking forward to is buying our first home. We started working with a realtor in December of 2016 and have a plan –I always laugh at “plan” because 2016 showed us plans don’t always go as planned– ANYWAYS!!! we have a plan for 2017 and pray the homes in California go down juuuuuuust a tad in 2017! The beautiful part is we are in no rush, we are hoping for a rockin’ deal and more space for me to do crafts and for Brielle’s dog toys! You know what I’m sayin’?


This one was on my 2016 and I didn’t quite make it happen, but cheers to a new year! Learning how to play guitar is on my wish-list for this year. I started 2 days after Christmas learning to read cords (I think that’s what they are called) and I played Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star. Heck yeah!!! 2017 is going to be a rockstar year!
865_emoji_iphone_personal_computerThis laptop emoji represents what I am doing now, blogging and my online business. I mentioned in my 2016 recap blog post that I have done a complete rebranding. My plan is to continue to grow my online business as a health coach in to 2017. Coaching and guiding women to feeling their best is one of my greatest passions! I look forward to helping more women in 2017 create a healthy lifestyle that sticks and stays!


Speaking of greatest passion in life, can we talk about the MOST AMAZING JOB I have been given this far?! My 2017 wish-list includes growing more as a wife. This was on my list for 2016 and I felt I did a pretty good job. I pray 2017 I grow more as a wife and grow more in my faith! I have an Amazon list of books to read this year to strengthen my wife skills and strengthen my faith in God’s plan. 


Speaking of God’s plan, what would this list be if I didn’t represent one of my biggest prayers. Growing our family with humans, not just dogs, is one of our prayers for the year. Faith, trusting, waiting, all come to mind when I type this part. “Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.” – Isaiah 41:10 Trusting His promises!

Other items on my wish-list are more Lululemon workout leggings, because they are amazing. A woven photo blanket with my favorite wedding photo. I am on the hunt for a coffee mug that says “my husband and this coffee are hot”. Finishing my wedding scrapbook and now 2014, 2015, AND 2016 scrapbooks. I am a little behind. A pair of wicked cool Nikes, pay off my car, a trip to Disneyland during the holidays. 2017, I have a lot planned for you! Get ready! 




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What did we even do this year?: A recap of 2016

panzaavenue.com 2016 recap
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panzaavenue.com 2016 recap

Before I sat down to complete this blog post, I visited my 101 in 1,000 days list and my blog post from last year kicking off 2016 5 Things I Learned in 2015 and 6 Resolutions for 2016. This blog post is proof I took more photos of the moments and let my creativity blossom! So #WINNING! I opened an IRA/Retirement account this year. Focused on my health and fitness, the proof is in this blog post. To my knowledge, I did a good job as a wife this year. And I did not learn to play guitar. So, 5 out of 6 isn’t bad at all!! 🙂 

2016, here is a recap!

panzaavenue.com fitness health

2016 started with a notable transformation. Overcoming the holidays and kicking off the new year with some great results in 24 days! I talk about it over here in this transformation blog post!!


Valentine’s Day was a special one. We celebrated by watching our wedding video for the very first time!


My 26th birthday!! A visit to Warner Brother’s Studio and a walk around Beverly Hills was perfect! Complete with a visit to the cupcake ATM. We downloaded the app for where Hollywood stars lived. I think it was a little outdated, but still a great day together! 


Checked “take a Soul Cycle class” off of my 101 in 1,001 days list. I wrote a review about the class over here on my Soul Cycle Completed blog post.

We continued a great year by paying off over $28,000 in credit card debt. Our goal for the year was to pay off our entire wedding before any interest was applied!! It was a pretty lofty goal for us! 


In May we rescued a little toy poodle from the shelter. I shared about our newest addition on this blog post here! She has since transformed in to the sweetest little dog and member of our family! 


I continued the year focused heavily on making an even greater transformation. This photo was taken at the end of June! This is one of the first times I had abs without killing myself for a competition or fitness show! 🙂 


My sweet little niece was born in July of this year! We will have MANY adventures together! #AdventuresOfVioletAndAuntieA


Ahhhhh! Then came a little storm! August 9th the year delivered us a miscarriage. I wrote a blog post titled Waiting August 7th. I realized writing out today’s blog post I never went back and finished our story. I plan to do so soon to show how God can heal in time’s of hurt and uncertainty. We are still trusting God and His great plan for our future.


At the end of August we visited Nick’s Grandma in Washington. It was great to get away and see nature, hike, and make s’mores by the fire! 

This cute little pup got her own Instagram account so she could share her day to day adventures! You can follow her at BriellePanza!


My incredible Grandfather turned 89 years old this year! I give him my “Most Inspirational Man” award!


We celebrated our first anniversary September 25, 2016. I am planning a blog post to recap all of the special little things we did to celebrate our anniversary! I sure am promising a lot of blog posts aren’t I? 

The fitness journey continued as I shared my journey over the last 4 years on Instagram! I wrote this post here sharing about each one of the “Anna’s” in the photo above. I am especially proud of the journey, but I am so proud of the emotional victory each one of those photos represents. If you have ever struggled with body image, I suggest reading this post!


Brielle Panza had her 4th Birthday the Friday after Thanksgiving! Because she is a rescue, we don’t know her actual Birthday. When we got her at the shelter in May, they believed she was 3 1/2. So, like any great dog mom would do, I decided her birthday would be exactly 6 months later! 

Free 21 Healthy Holiday Ebook download

In November I launched a complete rebrand of my blog! Have you noticed? I started including more recipes on the blog, wrote my first FREE 21 Healthy Holiday Recipe Ebook to share with everyone, and updated some of the blog colors! It isn’t too late to download the Ebook! You can grab it here for free! panzaavenue.com
Whhhhhhhew! Remember the post from above about paying off our wedding?! Well, we made it happen. We took this fun photo to celebrate officially owning the bouquet on the wall, my veil, our wedding photos, etc.! It felt so great and there is NO WAY we would have been able to pull it off if it wasn’t for my incredible husband! I adore him!
panzaavenue.comTransformation of the year goes to Brielle Panza! These photos were taken exactly 6 months apart from each other! I am just so proud of this little doggie girl! You really should follow her on Instagram! She is so funny! 😉 

Our year closed being a stronger, healthier couple with the addition of a cute little pup on our Christmas card. The last two years I have included a recipe with our Christmas card. 2015 was the celebration of our marriage with an Italian Wedding Cookie recipe. 2016 we celebrated Brielle with a Sugar Cookie Puppy Chow recipe!

What a year filled with many highs and some lows. I am beyond blessed to have such an amazing husband that is my rock through it all. I have an incredible family and friends that have been the best support system and encouragers. 

I am beginning to think ODD numbered years are our years. We moved in together in 2011, were engaged in 2013, married in 2015, so 2017 HAS to be the year of a lifetime. Right?!!? Staying optimistic that God has an incredible plan to unfold for us this year! 

I hope your New Year’s Eve is safe! Wishing you a very, very blessed and prosperous 2017!

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